Souther Salazar's Souvenirs @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

The hills have eyes - really cute ones - in Souther Salazar's new show Souvenirs at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. Featuring water towers, turtle tents, and mini sculptures out of found objects, you really can't help but smile, and maybe even let out a few "awwws" while perusing the gallery (I know I did).

Salazar's work has a very old school illutration vibe, I immediately threw it back to The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Independently, Paul and I imagined the artist as an older, awesome grandpa sitting in a crazy treehouse in the country in paint splattered overalls, and probably whistling. Surprisingly, after doing a little research, Paul and I were shocked that Souther is actually only in his 30s.

Souvenirs was inspired by a roadtrip Salazar took with his wife around the US, which they titled Trading Tortoise. On their trip, they bartered with folks for unique objects, items that helped them remember about the people they had met and places they visited. The work is clearly all about travel, and being on the road. The artist describes his trip in a detailed, colorful, whimsical way that we immediately fell in love with, and naturally wanted to share with you.

The show is on exhibit until June 15th. For more info, click here