Andy Kehoe: Luminous Reverie at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Luminous Reverie,

 which is on display now at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood, is stunning to look at.  The artist, Andy Kehoe, creates whole worlds in a space of only inches, blending vivid colors to create surreal landscapes with miniaturized inhabitants.  As if the extreme attention to detail in his artwork was not already amazing, he makes use of layering techniques which create a three dimensional effect in his works, furthering their complexity and drawing the viewer in.

Walking through

Luminous Reverie

 is to travel through forests, fields and the cosmos.  Each of the paintings takes a vibrant landscape (or space-scape) and throws in an element of fantasy which brings to mind films like Princess Mononoke and Fantastic Mr. Fox with clothed animals and gods of nature.  Some of my favorite pieces are below, but the photos really don't the show justice, so go see it in person.  The show will be up until June 15th.

Andy Kehoe - Luminous Reverie

Jonathan Levine Gallery

529 West 20th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)

9th Floor

Manhattan, NYC