Photographer Focus: Emmanuel Rosario

Emmanuel's work captures the carefree spirit of our generation. We're calm on the outside, but really all over the place - messy, worried, wondering about the future. And wandering. Photography was the reason Mr. Rosario travelled the US, and wants his photos to influence people to get out and explore. He shows us rare moments of calm in a hectic world. Enjoy a selection of his beautiful work here, and even more lovely photos on his inspiring Tumblr. Read a quick interview with the artist below to learn more about him and his work.


Harlem, New York

favorite camera

Nikon D700

random fact about yourself

I have an obsession with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

favorite subject matter to shoot


photographers you admire

I am heavily influenced by the photographs of Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, and my great friend Théo Gosselin

what makes a great photo

A great photo is one that makes the viewer wish they were in that particular place at that particular time, I am true believer that photographs influence us to travel and seek adventures. A great photograph to me, can do just that.

what makes a terrible photo

 Bad composition can turn a great moment into a terrible photograph.

why do you love photography

 Photography became my reason to explore the environment around me and became the reason why I have traveled the US.

do you do any other art?

I love making things out of wood frames, chairs, any many other little things that are simple yet useful around the house.