Kris Van Assche x Linda Farrow Resin and Titanium Glasses

The search for a perfect pair of eyeglasses is unending.  For somebody who needs them to see, a pair of frames is an ever present fashion accessory that can define your look and style.  As your life changes, you find different pairs to suit your job and lifestyle.  Thus the quest for glasses is never complete.  I myself have worn glasses since about 5th grade.  They're a fact of my life and making the best out of the experience with the coolest pair of glasses I can have (without being that weird glasses guy) is something I strive for.

Over the past few years, I've been on the hunt for a pair of clear frames that don't look like rec-specs (remember those things you had to wear in gym class?).  My search led me to this season's Kris Van Assche x Linda Farrow collaboration.  Known for producing glasses with top designers, the Linda Farrow brand has most recently worked with contemporary and avant-garde designers like Boris Bidjan Saberi and Alexander Wang to create some of the most stylish optical and sunglasses frames on the market.

The current season of Kris Van Assche x Linda Farrow frames are made out of clear resin poured over a titanium metal frame.  The result is a really unique look.  The titanium has an aged effect applied to it, which makes the frames not completely clear but a silver or gold tint depending on the angle you're viewing them from.  The frames themselves are available in several shapes with varying degrees of opacity and tints of grey from completely clear (mine) to almost black.

All of the shapes, from circular to almost square look great, but each one is so different from one another that even though you can buy them online, I'd recommend you write Linda Farrow an email and ask about a shop that carries them near you so you can try them on.  Check out some pictures of the frames below.