Streetwear Review - Pray for Paris Ceiling T-Shirt

Started in 2011 as a brand with the mission to bring something higher quality and more fashion forward to the table than mass market retailers like Zara and H&M , Pray for Paris has become extremely popular ever since Kanye West showed up wearing one of their shirts.  All of their goods now sell out within days, if not hours, of becoming available.  In my opinion though the brand's initial concept and first run of of shirts in this super-trendy all-over print style were good, many of them now look as though the brand is simply using all-over print knowing it'll sell, not because it actually looks good.

Of the shirts that were available for pre-fall there was one that stood out to us- the ceiling shirt.  Just like  the brand said it would do, this design proves to right on trend with a symmetrical, geometric all over print using 'in' colors like gold and gray with a seemingly religious reference.  Just like the Givenchy shirts that clearly inspired this design, this shirt sold out quickly and if you manage to get an order in, you get a nice note from the Pray for Paris team acknowledging your order with constant updates about the status and tracking info if you live abroad.

So now that we've gotten hands-on with the shirt, what do we think?  Well, the shirt is printed on an American Apparel shirt used for sublimation which is made clear on the Pray for Paris website so no surprise there.  The use of AA blank shirts means that the fit and quality is pretty good, but if you were hoping for a custom style cut and sew fit (like oversized, or extra long), that it is not.  From afar the design looks just as good as it does on the website and it'll be a great wear during the late spring and early summer with just a pair of shorts, but up close, the print is grainy and blurry which is a bit of a disappointment.  I appreciate that it would take a massively high-res photo to do this print without blur, but I think they could have gotten closer.  The shirt gets a


.  Retail price is reasonable if you're able to get one, so we'd recommend it.