Photographer Focus: Barbaros Cangürgel

I'd like to take a day and chill in one of Barbaros' photos. They are tranquil, washed out, beautiful moments in time that just make you want to let out a big sigh. The artist, like us, prefers film and the way you can manipulate the colors and textures of the image, something that is totally lost in digital photography. Down with photoshop, and long live film.  I'm particularly in love with his self portraits (like the one above), which illustrate a contemplative individual, seemingly struggling with something all on his own.

If you prefer moving images, Barbaros is a student of the video arts, and you can check out his most recent project,




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. If you'd like to learn more about him, read a short interview with the artist amidst his work below.


 İzmir / Turkey

favorite camera

 Digital are all the same, I prefer the analog machine minolta.

random fact about yourself

 There are things that bother me, so i take photographs

favorite subject matter to shoot

 Ambiguity, existentialism and simulated universes.

photographers you admire

 My first thought is Tania Shcheglova, Roman Noven, Aydan Kerimli, a fashion photographer in my own country, .and directors of photography Fred Kelemen, Sven Nykvist, Robbie Ryan, Yves Cape and Thimios Bakatatakis.

what makes a great photo

 emotion and ideology.

what makes a terrible photo

 I do not have such a criterion

why do you love photography

 I do not know the answer to this question

do you do any other art?

 I'm a student of Cinema in the Department of Fine Arts, so I make cinema and