Photographer Focus: Mike Schmidt's The Staten Island Ferry Series

A wide range of people ride the Staten Island Ferry. From half-asleep, jaded commuters to stingy tourists looking for a free boat ride past the Statue of Liberty, you can find people from all walks of life on the boat any given day. For Brooklyn native Mike Schmidt, this is a prime environment for people watching, one of his favorite past times. Mike decided to devote a whole photo project to the ferry and his fellow commuters, trying to capture how diverse everyone's individual journey is. His photos capture the emotions of the riders, and give you a little glimpse into their lives.

Check out some of the photos from his SI Ferry series here, and the rest on


. Find more of his photography on his


page as well, and read a short interview with the artist below.


Brooklyn, NY

favorite camera 

Nikon D800 I picked up my first camera 5 years ago, after an automotive photographer asked to photograph my car. After seeing the results of his photo shoot I was inspired and bought myself a camera that day.

photographers you admire 

I love candid street photography I'm inspired by Alex Webb and Eugene Richards

what makes a great photo

If it makes you laugh, If it makes you cry, If it rips out your heart, thats a great photograph

- Eddie Adams

what makes a terrible photo 

I think a terrible photo is one that no one can relate to, but I'm sure there is someone out there who can relate to just about anything. 

why do you love photography

 I love photography because I learn things about myself and I help people learn something about them as well. Photography is great because I can say so much without actually speaking.

do you do any other art? 

I dont actually do any other art than photography.