We Survived The Armory Show 2013: Highlights and Tips for Future Visitors

After this weekend at the Armory show, we felt like we ran a marathon. A marathon through lanes and lanes of contemporary art. The show was packed, and although we were surrounded by beautiful art and skilled artisans, the sheer amount of people and activity really detracted from the show. We got a little heated at certain points, and probably should seek out some anger management asap. The only thing anybody was talking about was how tired they were, and by the end of it I felt like I needed an IV of gatorade and crack.

Despite the utter exhaustion, we were able to power through and snap a few shots of what caught our attention. I'm just happy we survived. I also threw together the list below so you can avoid feeling like total crap at the show in the future.

Tips for enjoying yourself @ The Armory Show

1. Come fully hydrated/caffeinated

2. Come on an off day or at an odd time time so you avoid getting stampeded

3. Line your pockets with ziploc bags filled with high protein snacks

4. Take meditation breaks every 30 minutes so your brain doesn't explode

5. When you've decided you can't take it anymore, just stop. It's impossible to see and appreciate everything.

Hindsight is 20/20. Check out coolest of the cool art below.

Jonathan Seliger, Automotive enamel on bronze

Jon Pylypchuk, 2012

Steve Gianakos, Paintings from the 1980s

Nick Cave,


, 2013

Haruka Makita (L), Fredrik Raddum (R)

Art in the dark from Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde in Dubai