Stampd LA Lambskin Leather Snap Back

Just when you think your quest for the perfect hat has ended, it continues.  I wear hats almost all the time.  I have beanies and knits for the winter, and 5-panels and snapbacks for the summer.  I might get it from my grandfather who was often seen wearing a trucker hat perched on top of his head.   Anyway, because I love hats, I'm constantly looking for new ones, so when I first saw the Stampd LA Lambskin Leather Snapback I thought it looked awesome.  But in person and when worn, it's not as great as I had hoped.

Don't get the intro paragraph wrong, Stampd LA is a great company.  They do small production runs and make high quality clothing and headwear.  The quality on this cap is tip-top (and for $110 it should be).  The leather feels soft and smooth, the hat has a cool custom printed lining and it comes with some added goodies like a button, a card describing the brand and a dust bag.

Where the hat falls off for me is on the fit and the finish.  Maybe because of the material, the leather snapback doesn't fit as well as some of Stampd's other hats.  I don't have a very big head (7 3/8 New Era size if you care to compare), but when I wear this hat with the right number of snaps in the back, I feel like it changes the shape as if my head were very big.  To get it to keep the shape I want, I have to wear it very tight on my head which looks good, but doesn't feel too hot.  I definitely wouldn't buy this cap if you have a big head.

Also, the picture on Stampd's site was a little bit misleading.  When you

look at the hat

 the hat looks to have a dull and matte, but in reality the finish is shiny, really shiny (see the pics below).  It might be a little but much for some people who were hoping for a more subtle look- so be warned ahead of time, because they do not take returns.

Overall the quality is great and the hat is fine, it just wasn't all that I had hoped for, especially because of the shiny look of the material.  I'd rate it 7/10.