Streetwear Review: Stussy x Mastermind Japan Shadow Skull World Tour T-Shirt

There's not really much originality in the Mastermind Japan and Stussy collaboration.  One would think after years in the business of making super expensive items MMJ could do just a tad bit better with their final season in fashion.  But I guess it is what we've come to expect from another cookie cutter streetwear collabo- dual branded t-shirts, logos from both companies, small tweaks to staple items.

The only mild exception to the brand monotony in this capsule collection is the Stussy x Mastermind Japan Shadow Skull World Tour shirt.  Sure, the shirt is all of those things I just mentioned in the last paragraph but the concept is slightly more interesting.  Screening a design on the inside of a shirt to let it show through as a shadow to the front is a cool idea.  The only problem is the execution.

The shirt is printed on a thicker cotton which makes it a lot harder to see the skull on the inside. With a finer cotton or a thinner shirt the design would have looked great, but instead it just looks ok.  Because of the branding the shirt was a steal at $50 but the sizing is off and the quality is the same as any other Stussy tee.  The shirt first almost a full size larger than the tagged size so I'd recommend a size down unless you want an oversized look.  I'd give this a 6/10 but it could have been a perfect 10 with better measurements and a higher quality shirt.