Kenzo x Vans Clouded Leopard Era and Classic Slip-On

I have this weird thing with Kenzo where I want to own everything they sell, but then I decide that I could never pull the items off so I don't buy any of them.  It's a vicious cycle and it's about to repeat itself because the new Vans that the Parisian brand is about to release are ill.  The Kenzo x Vans Clouded Leopard kicks are crazy looking and are one of my favorite shoes of the past 6 months.  It's not that they're leopard print, because I'm done with that trend.  It's that the colors that they're using are so bright and fun to look at that I can't help but want to wear them.  Too bad I wear all black.  Can you even wear something like this with all black?  Probably not.  I'd need to buy a whole new outfit just to try them out.

Anyway, these shoes are dropping at Kenzo, Opening Ceremony and anywhere else you can shop Kenzo in the next few weeks. Like the previous Kenzo x Vans collaborations the Clouded Leopard Classic Slip-On and Era should be $125 retail.