Hairspray and Hounds: Backstage at the 137th Westminster Dog Show

Who cares about the models getting primped and prepped for Fashion Week? The dogs at the 

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

are being hair-sprayed, brushed, and groomed to within an inch of their cute little lives behind the scenes at Madison Square Garden.

Backstage at the show was like another world, where I witnessed a man gingerly using a hair straightener on a Maltese, and another guy powdering a Bulldog's toes so they looked whiter and brighter. I had to stop by the Bichon Frise (a personal favorite of mine), the very popular (and glamorous) toy poodle, and the Cousin-It styled Pekingese. As a dog lover, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. A heaven full of awesome award-winning dogs.

The mood was tense, some dogs were obviously feeling the pressure, but others had not a care in the world, and were really interested in playing with onlookers, like normal dogs. I think the Bichon has a great shot at Best in Show, but I'm also extremely biased. May the best dog win! Check out some of the action backstage below.