Grilled Cheese Please - Little Muenster, NYC

We first tried out

Little Muenster


The Big Cheesy

grilled cheese battle about a year ago at

Openhouse Gallery

.  This past cold, slushy Saturday, we trekked through feet of snow to dig into some tomato soup and grilled cheese on the Lower East Side.

Cute would be a good word to describe the Little Muenster space, which features a nice warm color scheme accented with a massive silver light fixture constructed out of cheese graters (see below). The restaurant has seating for about 14 if you really squeeze in tight, but when you're escaping the cold it doesn't feel cramped.  On the menu are seven grilled cheese varieties which range from a classic american cheese sandwich to fancier versions using ingredients like prosciutto and butternut squash.  The cheeses vary by sandwich too- Gruyere, Fontina, Havarti and of course Muenster all make menu appearances.

So how was the grilled cheese?  The bread was grilled to perfection and the sandwich was quite tasty but we thought there could have been more cheese.  We missed out on that really cheesy gooey childhood grilled cheese experience.  But maybe that isn't what Little Muenster is going for.  Their motto, emblazoned on their website, is after all 'Super Fancy Grilled Cheese.'  So next time we happen to be in the area and in need of some Little Muenster, we won't be having The Classic, we'll be having something super fancy.

Little Muenster

100 Stanton Street

Lower East Side, Manhattan

(there is also another location in Dumbo, Brooklyn)