Wandering Through Past Futures, Present, Futures @ Storefront for Art and Architecture

Past Futures, Present, Futures

is a high-concept exhibit that invites you to create your own version of NYC in whatever year you choose, while discovering other individual's imaginative visions of the city in the past, present, or future. What will the dominant religion be in the year 3028? 'Twerkology' was our favorite answer. Is gin the future of medicine? Will everyone live in caves in 3098 years? According to someone, without a doubt.

Housed in the

Storefront for Art and Architecture

, the exhibit is highly interactive, allowing the viewer to physically climb through puzzle-piece mobile walls and discover what's inside. Winding our way through the different rooms divided by layers and layers of metallic strips was definitely discombobulating, but also exciting. While climbing through the layers we discovered and read people's alternate realties, pasts, and futures - some very thoughtful and others purely high-larious. Unfortunately, we stumbled upon this exhibit on it's last day, so the only way to experience it for yourself is though our photos below. Check out what's coming up next from the Storefront