Kate: The Kate Moss Book - Worth the Shelf Space

If you're a fan of Kate Moss you can stop collecting magazine back-issues and hard to find photo sets because a couple months ago Rizzoli released this beast of a coffee table book.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book

is a hardcover compilation of photographs spanning Kate's career from her early days as a model through her ascension to superstardom (and even includes some never before published pics).  Because her career is so expansive, it seems as though it was only appropriate for Rizzoli's book to be well over 400 pages and weigh almost 10 pounds.  Yep, you read that right, if you forgot your free weights, this makes a good alternative.  At about 14 inches tall and 11 inches wide it also eats up the whole coffee table, but Ms. Moss is that important isn't she?

The book comes with several covers, and most online stores won't let you choose which one you'll end up with.  If you're desperate for one of the images, you can head over to the

Rizzoli Bookstore

on 57th Street in Manhattan and you might get lucky.  For a photography lovers and fans of the supermodel alike, this book is a must have and comes highly recommended from us at SOLIFESTYLE.