SOLIFESTYLE Fits - 2013 Grunge

The weather is crazy, some days you freeze and others you get to wear a flannel shirt and call it a day. Global warming. No big deal. It's winter though, so even when it's 50 degrees you still need a bit of warmth- boots and layered tops are still a necessity.

In her outfit, Sooz is wearing a pair of old


boots which were just resurrected but are still better than any of the boots the company makes today. Lace-ups constructed with black leather and brown suede accents, they have a more rugged look than the motorcycle inspired ankle boots people are wearing around the city this season. The tongue of the boot is attached to the upper which means you can wear them laced or unlaced for two different looks- both equally cool.

The black jeans need no explanation but on top, the look gets some 90's grunge inspiration. Using a


light colored sweatshirt as the under layer and a heavy


CPO shirt jacket on top allows for warmth and also color contrast. The result is an edgy outfit perfect for those winter days where you can get away with something light.

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