Photographer Focus: Cecilio Barrantes

Cecilio's photography oozes cool.

His photos look like they came straight out of the edgiest Urban Outfitters catalog ever, and I want everything his subjects are wearing, girls and guys alike. My personal favorite type of photography to see and shoot are portraits, and Cecilio gets totally creative with the genre by using interesting composition and incorporating special effects, which totally work to his advantage. We can easily see him following in the footsteps of some of the fashion photog greats that inspire him, and can't wait to see what comes next from our main man

Cecilio B

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, and check out a short and sweet interview with the artist below.


Costa Rica

favorite camera

Sony dslr-a900



act about yourself

I live in paradise.

favorite subject matter to shoot

The light, and a dreamy place.

photographers you admire

Tim Walker (genius), Irving Penn and Mario Testino.

what makes a great photo

I feel like, in my case, the best photos that I have are the results of unexpected and unplanned shots. Those that start coming alive without even thinking about, those are magical.

what makes a terrible photo

Things that I have seen many times before.

why do you love photography

Well this is hard to explain, I guess I’m a shy person, so the best way to express myself is trough the lens, and my infinite passion for photography.

do you do any other art

? Not that I know... Although I will like to try making short films in the near future.