Ecological and Socially Conscious - Panda Sunglasses

Wooden teeth were cool (or at least functional) in 1776, but wooden sunglasses are cool right now.  A year ago we wrote about Shwood, and just recently we got our hands on a pair of Panda Sunglasses and they're definitely worth checking out.

Let's start with the basics: Panda makes legit sunglasses.  They produce five unisex models each of which are available in 3 finishes to suit your color preferences.  The frames are manufactured using sustainable bamboo and polarized lenses and come in a pretty bamboo box which has the Panda logo on it.  We got the Martin frame style in black and they're exactly the kind of modern interesting look we like at SOLIFESTYLE.  But just as important as how fashionable they make you look is that for every pair purchased Panda Sunglasses gives an eye exam and donates a pair of eyeglasses to somebody in need.  So there you have it- every reason you need to spend some money on a new pair of shades for spring! Check out our pictures below.