Creating Fashion & Social Change with Hidden Baby

There's no doubt about it, babies are cute. That's one reason why Hidden Baby, a brand created by the Montague sisters, works to protect these little cuties that don't have a voice of their own. The cold, hard fact is there are a lot of babies out there that are neglected and malnourished during their most formative years, and the girls at Hidden Baby are looking out for them.

Kelsey, the artsy one, is the creative hand behind all of the beautiful artwork, while Courtney uses her experience with children's charities to partner with amazing groups promoting social change, like Baby Buggy, local to NYC, and Happy Life Children's Home in Kenya. The sisters plan to choose a new children's charity to support each month through sales of their beautiful bags, scarves, jewelry and custom shoes.

Where does the name Hidden Baby come from you ask? Excellent question. Well, it partly comes from the fact that the sisters are giving little ones a voice of their own, which would otherwise be hidden. Also, each of Kelsey's drawings, if you look very closely, actually include a drawing of a baby (cue the awwws).

Learn more about this awesome initiative here and on Facebook, and if you like what you see, pick up one of their items on the Hidden Baby online store. You won't just look cute with your new bag or pair of shoes, you'll also be supporting a great cause.