Tiffany & Co. Store in Soho, NYC

If you're still struggling for a gift for your loved one, there's always

Tiffany & Co

.  As somebody I know once told me, "I don't love Tiffany, but if I was handed one of their yellow diamonds I wouldn't complain."  And that blue box usually carries plenty of weight at gift giving time.

The (somewhat) newly opened Soho store seems a bit out of place with it's uptown vibe dead in the middle of a block which has everything from Design Within Reach to Bape, but we're sure they're selling well regardless.  The store itself is brightly lit and well decorated with their recognizable blue green color and lots of flowers.  On rainy days somebody stands outside with a Tiffany umbrella to shield you from the rain as you come in. Nice.

Check out Tiffany & Co. in Soho at 97 Greene Street between Prince and Spring Streets.