Photographer Focus: Alice Sossella

Alice's images are fleeting, in a cinematic sort of way. Each image looks like it could have been plucked from a film. She takes totally ordinary circumstances and makes them important by capturing them just so. Alice is totally analog, and we like it that way. She loves the smell of the developing process, the film in her hands and manipulating her camera to get the lighting perfect. Takes us back to our darkroom days. I'm inspired to go dig out my old film camera. It takes a real skill to produce such stylized images, it's a little more complicated then choosing a cute filter on Instagram.

Take a look at some of Alice's work here and on her


. Read a quick interview with the artist below. Long live film.


Now I live in Milano, but I grew up in Asolo, a little town in the north-east of Italy

favorite camera

I have just two analog cameras, a Canon FTb and a Minox 35GL. I prefer the first. I'd really like to have a good medium format camera.

random fact about yourself

I bite my nails, what a shame! But moderately.

favorite subject matter to shoot

Something that remind me something else or something that reveal me the future. The sensation "I think I was here before" or "I will surely pass over there sooner or later". It applies for all, places people tables windows horses buildings turtles streets roses ruins…

photographers you admire

 If I have to choose two I'll say two opposite extremes, Francesca Woodman and Luigi Ghirri. Different kind of neurosis, I'm quite influenced by their ways of fighting boredom.

what makes a great photo

 I'm trying to understand it!

what makes a terrible photo

Some digital cool overestimated and overused filters.

why do you love photography

 It's the only thing I do with my mind really empty and involved. I love the waiting times, the grain of the film, the smell of the acids, the cold on the fingers in the winter, thinking about that shoot and hoping it will be exactly as I saw it in that moment (It never happens).

do you do any other art?

Unfortunately not, I'd like to be able to draw but I'm not. However, I can't say that it's art what I do, they are just proofs.