Papabubble: Custom Candy Lab in Little Italy

Hello, my name is Sooz and I'm addicted to sugar. Thank god stores like Papabubble exist to feed my huge sweet tooth in a creative, delicious way.

Papabubble, situated in Little Italy in NYC, is a custom candy lab. These artisans twist, pull, and shape sugar into a myriad of different shapes - from classic lollipops to crazy sculptures like foxes and palm trees (see below). The good folks at Papabubble also make custom candy to order, like 3D portraits, landscapes, dentures...basically anything you can imagine. A pack of these homemade sweets would make an awesome stocking stuffer for someone your know that's obsessed with candy...hint hint. Stop by to sample some free acid drops, their sour confection, or just to take a whiff of the store, which smells like candy heaven.


380 Broome St. NYC