Hanksy: Young Puns 2 @ Krause Gallery

Here's a game: guess the titles of the artwork.  Not only does it make your brain work (sort of) but more importantly it's really amusing. So what's the name of the tryptic above? Answer: Ice Ice Babies. Now try your luck on the photos below.  As a street artist, this is why we love Hanksy.  After we saw our first Ferrell Cat, we were hooked.

For the last month Hanksy's show

Young Puns 2: Now With More Pun

 was on display at Krause Gallery on the Lower East Side.  The show combined all of the usual face-palming puns we're used to seeing pasted throughout NYC into one location and was one of our favorite street art gallery shows in the past few months.  There was even a guest tag from Moustache Man across Drew Barrymore's face (see below).  If you like what you see, make sure to check out Krause Gallery on the LES, as well as Hanky's tumblr.