Photographer Focus: Laura Zalenga

Laura's photos are calm, cool, and collected. They definitely have a serene quality to them - like when you allow yourself to close your eyes for 10 seconds and don't think about anything. She captures quiet moments beautifully; you can almost hear the silence in her photos. Her work reminds me to take a quick moment to myself, and just breathe. Check out her work on her Facebook page and Flickr and read a short Q&A with the artist below.


 Munich, Germany 

favorite camera

 Nikon D5000 

random fact about yourself

 I'm vegetarian since 14 years. 

favorite subject matter to shoot 

faces (human and animal) 

photographers you admire

 Laura Makabresku, Theo Gosselin, Tamara Lichtenstein 

what makes a great photo

 the atmosphere! also the story told, the light, the originality of an idea. 

what makes a terrible photo

 bad photoshop overworking 

why do you love photography

 Because it enables me to tell stories that only happen in my mind and still allows me to make them look realistic. 

do you do any other art?

 no time or passion for something else. Photography is my first and only love.