Manhattan in the Dark

Thankfully, the power has returned to lower Manhattan and things on their way to getting back to normal after Sandy. While the lights were out, Paul and I ventured down to the Flatiron district to take photos of what we may never be able to see again - total darkness in the city. We also took the opportunity to go to the top of the Empire State Building and get our tourist on. The views from the 86th floor were amazing, and showed the scope of the power outage, which was pretty eerie.

We ran into a bunch of other photographers, as well as people equipped with headlamps and flashlights, as the streets were truly pitch black. Check out our photos of dark Manhattan below, and remember to thank Ben Franklin for that awesome thing called electricity.

The dark view west of 5th Ave

711, the hotspot for phone charging

The flatiron building, and the darkness downtown

The view from above