Fall Essentials: Uniqlo Sweats

Sweats are a necessary item for any time of year but choosing the right sweatshirt can be difficult when literally every company makes them.  If you have a favorite logo or design you're after, that makes the decision really easy.  But if you want something unbranded, you've got a whole lot of choices.  From Gap to J.Crew to Zara, nearly every company produces a line of basics that include sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Personally, I'm partial to Uniqlo's sweats which are both reasonably priced and high quality.

 The first reason I go to Uniqlo is for their fit.  The clothing fits slimmer some of the basics you get walking in to a Target or other big box store.  The second reason is their fabric.  Uniqlo's sweatshirts and sweatpants feel soft yet durable to the touch unlike some streetwear companies like Supreme and Bape whose sweats start out starchy and rigid.  Uniqlo's construction is also excellent.  You can see on the pictures below how reinforced the pocket stitching is. Finally, their sweats are not fleece lined.  Have you ever taken off a new sweatshirt and had your white t-shirt be a completely different color?  Uniqlo sweatshirts don't have that problem.  That also means the fabric is slightly thinner, making them easier to layer in the cold months.  You shop them starting at $29 on