And The Prints Keep Coming at Raphael Hauber Men's S/S 2013

Prints have been around for seasons now, but it's time for the guys to get in on the fun.

At Solifestyle, we feel like it can be difficult to find unique pieces for men. Sure you can go super out there with the newest Jeremy Scott neon manthong, but sometimes you want to stand out in a not so ridiculous way. These pieces by German designer Raphael Hauber will liven up any wardrobe, in a cool "where'd you get that?" way, not in a "wtf is that guy wearing" way. The designer himself creates each print from scratch, and ties them together with a tropical paradise feel. The lookbook really caught our eye, and if you look closely you can make out an orange orca, as well as a variety of bright, warm weather imagery. Check out the lookbook here, and of course the designer's




page if you like what you see.