Why Would You Buy That: Dee & Ricky x PONY Topstar

What you're laying eyes on in this post is a shoe for special people.  I mean really special people. So special, that I brought our 'Why Would You Buy That' posts back from 2010 for this.

Not only do these Topstar sneakers blend a horrendous combo of textured purple, brownish tan and of course the rest of the rainbow, but they're by PONY.  When's the last time you wore PONY? 1980? I'll bet these shoes will bring PONY back to the land of the relevant though! Oh they won't? Don't tell Dee and Ricky that.  Who are Dee and Ricky? Beats me, but they must need help remembering how to count from 1 to 9 and I heard they're still learning their A, B, C's.  If you're unfazed by this crap and still have a reason to want them, you can buy them somewhere in Europe that knows nothing about shoes for just over $100. Good luck.