MNDR @ The North Star Bar in Philadelphia

MNDR makes some seriously good music.  In the same realm as groups like Niki & The Dove, and Hot Chip, her music blends catchy electronic beats with edgy vocals, creating an electro-pop sound that makes you want to jump around and dance.  Her recently released album, Feed Me Diamonds, is one of SOLIFESTYLE's most listened to records of 2012 and we were certainly not disappointed when we saw MNDR play at The North Star Bar in Philadelphia.  Of course, it didn't hurt our support that she lives in Brooklyn- it's always fun to support our NYC neighbors outside of The Big Apple.

Opening for rockers Shiny Toy Guns, MNDR played through her most upbeat tracks from U.B.C.L. to Faster Horses and Burning Hearts.  It takes real guts as an up and coming artist to take the stage by yourself, but MNDR owned it, even jumping into the crowd and dancing with fans to get the audience into the performance.  By the end of her set, the audience was screaming and cheering, no doubt she now has a number of new fans in the Philly area.  Our only disappointment was that there wasn't enough time for her to play through the whole album, we missed out on Feed Me Diamonds and Draw the Curtains.

So many of her songs are dying to be played in clubs and remixed by other electronic artists that we wouldn't be surprised if she gets really big, really quickly.  Hopefully we'll have the chance to do a story with her in the future so we can ask her what U.B.B.T.L. stands for.  Until that moment arrives (fingers crossed) you can drop by her website to see what her future tour dates are.  We strongly recommend seeing her perform.