Street Museum of Art Invites You To Participate in Documenting NYC's Street Art

The Street Museum of Art is an organization that is trying to elevate street art to more of a fine art status. Their current exhibition, In Plain Sight, is aptly titled - the work is 'guerrilla curated' meaning what you see around you is what you get. You can find a map on their website and take a little tour of interesting art they've found plastered on NYC - any day, any time, for free.

The people behind the organization are now calling on you, the street art connoisseur, to participate in their documentation of all the art scattered around the city by providing blank labels (see below) that you can write on and slap up next to your favorite piece by Faile, JR, OCMC, ASVP, or Kenny Scharf.

Now, I can't see many of our street art peeps being down with this idea - isn't the point of this medium to be fairly anonymous? Don't you love just looking around the city and randomly spotting cool art? Doesn't this act take away from the creative experience by slapping labels all over the place? Please let us know your opinion on this new project in the comments, we'd love to hear what you think!