Ballsiest Man Alive Will Jump Out of the Stratosphere in an Hour

Sure you've skied a couple black diamonds, maybe you also went bungee jumping, and even tried parasailing on a vacation. I bet when you told some of your friends they thought you were a bit of a daredevil.  Well sit down. Because compared to Felix Baumgartner (above) you are a wuss.

In 10 hours, as part of a project called Red Bull Stratos, Felix will jump out of a 55 story tall balloon hovering in the stratosphere and free fall for 5 straight minutes.  With no air resistance (the stratosphere is basically outer space, so he will be using a pressurized suit) it is estimated that he'll reach roughly 720 mph during his fall and he'll be the first sky diver to break the sound barrier.  At speeds as fast as a fighter jet he will rocket head first towards the earth and open a parachute, and, if all goes well, he'll land in once piece and will forever bask in knowing that his balls are way, way bigger than the rest of ours.

If you're up early, you can watch the mission as it happens here; hopefully there will be some great footage from the suit's five cameras (see picture below).  You can also read about Felix and his daredevil skills at Red Bull Stratos.  We're hyped.


Due to high winds, the jump has been delayed until later today. Stay tuned.