Classy Money Clips from Chari & Co.

Channel your inner aristocrat with Chari's latest items- money clips made from elegant cutlery.  We've been writing about Chari & Co. for a while now, the New York City bike and lifestyle store has always produced cool clothing and collabs but they're getting extra classy with their latest series of accessories.

If you're like me you're always fishing for your metrocard, business cards and money.  Either that, or you're misplacing each of them somewhere inside your jacket, or your pants or your shirt or... where were they again?  Chari's money clips will help you keep track of them all.  The steel clips are adorned with gold colored accents, are stamped with Chari's logo and come in 6 popular utensil styles.  Snag yours here for $48 or $64 depending on style.