Black for Winter: Rick Owens Suede Hiking Boots

All black everything is my theme for this winter, so even though these laceless Rick Owens hiking boots are from the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection, they fit right into the equation.  Of course they wouldn't be ideal in the snow because they're suede, but I've never felt suede like this before- durable and substantial.  This definitely isn't the suede you find on a pair of Nike sneakers.

The Rick Owens hiking boots are durable and rugged.  They have an oversized tongue which gives them that special avant garde look that all RO clothing and accessories have and you'll really stand out from all of the rest of the black boots on the street.  They do have lace holes and I suppose they can be used if you want to lace them, but there is really no need to- they're meant to be laceless.  Take a look at the details below- a worn leather finish, silver zipper and metal accents.  These fit about a half to a full size bigger than your normal sneaker size and your best bet finding a pair is on ebay or a forum.