Vomiting Wolves and Tattooed Hares at Beth Cavener Stichter: Come Undone

Beth Cavener Stichter makes things from clay that you wouldn't have thought possible when you were sitting in art class making a coil pot.  She works with as much as 2000 pounds of clay at a time, pounding, slicing, heating, grinding and painting it until it becomes one of the flowing, provocative works that are on display now at Claire Oliver Gallery in New York City.  The work caught our eye from outside and across the street- we had to check it out.

Inside her show, "Come Undone," Beth displays animal forms in the midst of intense emotions, either subtle or obvious.  Her work focuses on capturing dark and unsettling human emotions and wrapping them in animal forms.  Rabbits with detailed tattoos, wolves throwing up pink fluff and a deer bleeding lace make up only some of the beautiful sculptures on display.

Beth Cavener Stitcher: Come Undone

At Claire Oliver Gallery until October 20th

513 West 26th Street (between 10th and 11th Ave)

Chelsea, NYC