Cocoron Soba Moves Towards the Masses, Opens Nolita Location

Cocoron is the single best place to chow down on soba in New York City.  Sure, there are other tasty alternatives like Totto Soba in Midtown. But Cocoron's menu is more comprehensive; offering cold, hot and dipping varieties of the yummy buckwheat noodles with a plethora of toppings if one of their set items isn't enough.  Previously, the soba mecca was located on the Lower East Side- a real trek if you were doing some casual shopping or hanging out with friends. Just the other day though, they've opened a bigger, brighter Nolita location (don't worry the LES location is still there).

Cocoron Nolita is located right next to Japanese boutique Entrepreneur on Kenmare which is a great fit for both establishments based on their color schemes (bright orange) and their Japanese bent.  As expected, the food is just as wonderful as the LES location but with double the seating and triple the space.  We've gone twice now with no wait either time, but you can bet that as people find out about the new Cocoron, and with winter coming, the lines will start to form out front.  Check out our pics below.

Cocoron Soba Nolita

37 Kenmare Street (at Mott Street)

Nolita, NYC