Eric Yahnker's Virgin Birth 'N' Turf @ The Hole NYC

Any guy that hangs a bunch of thongs from the ceiling and calls it "G-string theory" is my kind of artist. This past week, Solifestyle went to the opening of Virgin Birth N Turf, the first New York solo show by California based artist Eric Yahnker. 

Eric is obviously very talented - we were both totally amazed by his 7 foot tall colored pencil and graphite drawings (see Chili Fries without a Face below). But what really impressed us was the smirk inspiring use of humor in his work - with pieces called things like "Star of David Lee Roth", it's hard not to lol. The spec sheet for the show says it best, "His show is stand up comedy done by hand." I mean, anyone can take a Nike sneaker and put a light bulb in it, but a title like LeBron/Lebroff takes it to a whole different level. Check out more of Eric's creative and hilarious art below.


Virgin Birth 'N' Turf

by Eric Yahnker


until October 6th


The Hole NYC, 312 Bowery

Chili Fries without a Face


From Here to Eternity

Poem #2

G-string Theory

4-Eyed Heron