Breakfast at Asiate in the Mandarin Oriental Columbus Circle

It only takes one step through the door of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's restaurant Asiate to understand why you would want to eat there. Hint: it's the view.  Honestly, you could serve me warm Sprite inside Asiate and I'd be perfectly content staring out over Central Park from 35 floors up.  The floor to ceiling windows coupled with simple, stylish decor create an amazing atmosphere and a relaxing place to spend your morning.

Breakfast in Asiate comes in several varieties from the standard eggs and bacon American breakfast to traditional Chinese and Japanese settings.  The meal is served with the smoothie of the day (yesterday's was pineapple guava) and everything is tasty- as it should be for the price.  Again, what it comes down to is atmosphere and everybody should splurge on a meal at Asiate at least one time in NYC- it's a great way too see the city from a new point of view.