Williamsburg and Bushwick Street Art in Photos

Street art, graffiti and the creative culture that surrounds both has become embedded into the hipster haven of Williamsburg and its edgier and slightly grimier neighbor Bushwick.  While so much of New York City, especially Manhattan, has been wiped clean of the giant graffiti that covered the city in the 1980's, the neon colored tags are still alive and well in Brooklyn.

Last weekend we went exploring Brooklyn Open Studios which was... enlightening.  For us though, the star of our field trip on the L train was not in any one studio- it was covering the walls outside.  From robots rolling up piles of junk like Katamari, to more 'traditional' graffiti tags, to cats fighting with dragons, we got the infusion of color we we're lacking living in Queens.  Check out pics below and let us know where your favorite street art and murals in the city are!