Korea Cosmetic Bliss Pop-up @ Openhouse

Let's face it - Asia is always way ahead of us in terms of trends. They were wearing head to toe leopard print in like, 2006. And I'm not just talking about fashion, they've also got a lot going on in the beauty world too. Korea is one of the forerunners in the industry, and some of their top beauty brands presented what's new and cool at Openhouse's Korea Cosmetic Bliss this past weekend. The event was put on by KHIDI, an organization that promotes the expansion of Korea's health and beauty businesses into the US market.

The brands presented their newest products, procedures, and beauty secrets. Us Westerners got to try and purchase hard to find products that are only available in specialty stores. One of the most popular attractions was the cosmetics crane game, which people lined up to get a go at. Check out pictures from the event below.

A beautiful spread of makeup & makeovers by


The newest shea butter products by


The beauty product crane game!

A beautiful display by The History of Whoo skincare

Signing up for the beauty raffle