Street Art Pop Up Store in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Last week as part of Brooklyn Open Studios, writer and street art connoisseur

Robin Grearson

got some of the coolest up-and-coming street artists in the NYC area together to sell some of their work at a studio space in Bushwick.  The result was the Street Art Pop-Up shop inside apartment 210 at 174 Bogart Street.

The fact that we were cool enough to know that the sale was happening made us feel pretty good. Inside the nondescript red door labeled with a Pop Up Store sticker were works by Moustache Man (who is trying to fund his legal defense), ASVP, Chris Stain and plenty of other under the radar artists.  The stuff for sale was not just limited to prints as you might expect, but there were a number of other odds and ends like t-shirts, stickers, flasks, and socks. Of particular note was a t-shirt that reps Bushwick, and is decorated with a wreath of PBR cans. Check out this, and other treasures, in the photos below.