Levi's Slim Cut Camouflage Utility Pants

Oh no... more camo? Yup, we can't get enough.  Camo is still going strong this season and surprisingly Levi's has a great pair of pants in a traditional woodland style of the print.  When I say surprisingly, it's not because Levi's tend to make bad pants, because they don't, I've never had a Levi's product I was unhappy with.  It's that they've chosen to produce a non-denim, non-chino, slim cut utility pant.

The Levi's camo pant is made out of a light-weight 8oz cotton twill with a reenforced seat and knees, and drawstrings at the cuff.  The fabric looks and feels much more expensive than the $68 price tag and best of all is the cut- a flattering slim taper.  Not only fashionable, this pair of pants is built perfectly to meet the demands of your summer outdoor adventures.  They're sold by Levi's.com, but you can also buy them at Urban Outfitters in almost all sizes.  Check out some detailed photos below.