Spazio #05 by Gian Maria Tosatti at This Side of Paradise

This was one of the creepier rooms in the Andrew Freedman home, and could've been taken right out of a horror movie. Thankfully for us, we visited the

This Side of Paradise

during the daytime.

Totally intrigued by the broken glass on the floor, Paul and I took a few steps inside, heard and felt a lot of glass breaking, and then promptly decided to remove ourselves and take photos from outside the room. Inspired by memory, loss, and contemplation, Gian Maria Tosatti created this space as a reflection on time and light. He realized that throughout the years the only thing that remained when the Freedman home was closed was light, which floods the room and reflects magically off of the broken glass floor. Tenants and objects come and go, but light and memories remain with the space.

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This Side of Paradise

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