Peeing Skeletons & Faux Gold Leaf at This Side of Paradise

Two completely different but totally fascinating rooms at This Side of Paradise were like money like water by Justen Ladda (above) and THEN AND THERE by Cheryl Pope (below). Both inspired by the Andrew Freedman home's past, these artists totally transformed their rooms in amazingly striking ways. 

Ladda's work is based around ideas of change, transformation, balance and illusion. As you adjust your height and perspective, the objects in the room change and become more three-dimensional. Trying to conjure up how this particular room connects to the Freedman home is a bit of a stretch, but let's just say it represents the home's transformation over the years. 

Cheryl Pope's room connects to the home's history in a more direct way. Using faux gold leaf on the ceiling and walls, and working with the decay and water damage already breaking down the room, she juxtaposes the illusion of wealth with dilapidation. This is no doubt a nod to the Freedman home's former function, to house the formerly rich in a seemingly wealthy, luxurious space, and the building's abandonment and breakdown afterwards. 

Both rooms were highlights for us during our exploration of This Side of Paradise. Learn more about the exhibition 


, and stay tuned this week for features on more amazingly creative rooms.