McCarren Park Pool Reopens in Williamsburg

Great news for families and aquatic aficionados in the NYC area- the McCarren Park swimming pool in Williamsburg Brooklyn has reopened after years of closure and construction.  Somewhere in the neighborhood a hipster is crying himself to sleep because he won't be able to see any more concerts at the site, but while he's sobbing, everyone else along with their mothers, 3rd cousins, step daughters and half brothers have flocked to the newly opened swim center.

Ready to go? Guess again, we dropped by to see the site today and the line was like a scene from Disney World on whatever Lance Armstrong was doing to win 7 Tour de France titles.  There were a lot of unhappy faces standing in the crows which stretched off into the distance and probably ended somewhere near Long Island City.  Check out the pics and maybe wait a little while before you decide to go yourselves.