HERE COMES by The Still House Group Opening Party

I've always wanted to wander into one of the homes surrounding Washington Square Park, and the exhibition HERE COMES gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that.  Inside a beautiful townhouse on the park's north side, the exhibit put on by Brooklyn's own Still House Group showcased works from a variety of young artists.

From paintings to sculpture and photography, the art was definitely of the minimal and modern variety (take for example the tilted chair in the photo above). The title of the show is a cliff hanger, just begging the audience to ask "here comes what?". The work in the show mirrors this sentiment, and focuses on inherent incompleteness. A row of cinderblocks? A hose hanging from the ceiling? Each piece leaves you puzzled and questioning the value behind such art, which is in fact the point of the show.

Check out HERE COMES, which is on exhibit until July 27th @ 24 Washington Square North in downtown Manhattan right by NYU's campus.

Artist and Still House co-founder Isaac Brest chilling with a stylish friend

Shoshanna, aka Zosia Mamet, from HBO's


An abandoned magazine or art? The world may never know.