Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit Review

As I'm getting more and more into makeup, I'm realizing how important not only the quality of the makeup is but also the quality of the tools. 

These Synthetic Kabuki brushes by Sigma really improve the whole makeup application process. Before I was just using my fingers to apply liquid foundation, but buffing it on with the F80 makes foundation look so much more natural and almost air brushed. I'm using the F82 for concealer, and the F84 for my cream blush. All of the brushes are really great quality, very dense and soft to the touch. In my opinion, Sigma makes the best quality brushes for the most affordable price. The cost of this 4-brush kit is $56, which is very reasonable for such nice brushes. So if you're just getting into makeup, I'd definitely recommend this kit, because it has just about every face brush you need.