Nerd Lifestyle: Tiny Tower

Not like I need another addiction, but I have to say I'm totally hooked on Tiny Tower, a free game from the iTunes App Store.

I've heard it's like Sim Tower, but I've never played that particular Sims game. Basically, you build a tower step by step with different floors, which you can assign as either residential or public. The people, or "Bitizens" that live on the residential floors are the employees for the other floors, and you make money and make sure the shops are in order and stocked with goods for other Bitizens to buy. The game also continues when you're not playing, so you can make money even when you're not paying attention to the game. There are also quirky parts to the game, like the Bitbook, which is a Facebook for all of the Bitizens. Basically, it's extremely addictive.

You're welcome, and I'm sorry.