Photographer Focus: Gavin Thomas

Simply put, I love the energy of Gavin Thomas' photos. Based in NYC, Gavin's photos reflect the strong urban vibe of the city and it's people. Whether he's photographing an average guy or major celebs like Rick Ross and Ciara, a raw, street vibe comes through. A lot of his work also has a sense of humor, which injects even more life into his photos. His double exposure series is particularly interesting, in which he overlays a bunch of photos for a collage-like effect. I just love his photography style, and I can't wait to see what comes next from Gavin!

Check out more of his work here, as well as a brief Q&A with the artist below.


NYC - Harlem 

favorite camera

Yashica T4, Contax T2, LCA +

random fact about yourself

Grew up outside Rochester, NY - 315 represent. 

favorite subject matter to shoot

 People - Musicians, Celebs, Grandmas 

photographers you admire

Aaron Richter, Jimmy Fontaine, Chris Shonting, Terry Richardson, Jason Nocito, Ben Rayner, Synchrodogs 

what makes a great photo

Energy, rawness, emotion, color, light, composition, exposure, originality, etc, etc. 

what makes a terrible photo

digital!!! HA - can u tell im currently hooked on analog photography at the moment. 

why do you love photography

I love the process - so many different options to create images however the basic element remains the same for everyone. 

do you do any other art?

I wish I did more painting, street art, graffiti, mixed media stuff, but I dont. Maybe this will help in the motivation department.