The Latest Strings by Camilla Lehn

These days I'm all about bracelets, and it seems like everybody else is too.  Most of the time, it's hard to find the perfect one... I've been looking for the past several months and my collection is only up to about five. If you're in need of an arm party update, and having trouble finding something awesome, adding a bracelet from Strings by Camilla Lehn is the way to do it. 

We've written about Strings previously, and couldn't resist sharing a few of her newest designs with you. All of the bracelets are handmade by Ms. Lehn herself in Denmark and since skulls are here to stay, this is the perfect way to subtly incorporate the trend into your own look without going full on goth. These pieces are the thing for toughening up your look, adding a unique touch to your style, and keeping it high end.

For buying info, and to check out more of her designs, contact her through the Strings Facebook Page

Check out more pictures of the bracelets as well as material details and pricing below.

Above: top bracelet made from wooden beads with one 18 carat solid gold skull. Price: 548 USD. Bottom bracelet is also made from wooden beads and one gilded silver bead. Price: 235 USD

Above: Top bracelets are made in leather with two brass covered skulls. Price: 156 USD. Bottom bracelet made from Yak ox bone. Price 195 USD.

Above: Top bracelet made from Hematite beads with 1 oxidized silver skull. Price: 235 USD. Bottom bracelet in paracord with 2 oxidized silver skulls. Price: 156 USD.