Young New York Art Auction at White Box Recap

It's scary to think that in New York 16 and 17 year old kids are viewed as adults in the eyes of the law.  In many cases, this leads children right from school into prison having been arrested and sentenced as adults.  The non-profit organization Young New York seeks to change the existing legal landscape by bringing awareness to this issue and proposing positive alternatives to the school-to-prison path.  Last night YNY worked with a number of great contemporary artists, photographers, and street artists to put together a silent auction and fundraiser at White Box on the Lower East Side.

We dropped by right as the event got going and even hours before the auctions were to be closed the space was filling up quickly.  The auction had a really cool setup with the art covering the walls and golden clipboards hanging in front of them on neon cord to facilitate the bidding.  The fact that White Box is literally a white box was perfect for the auction because it really let the art do the talking, we hope the fundraiser was a huge success for Young New York.

Drop by the YNY website to read more about their work and check out more pictures from the show below!